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Bobby Win

Bobby was born in Raleigh, NC and there are pictures of him at less than a year old, playing in the bath tub with the magnetic fish and fishing rod. His parents say he was born to fish.
Although he was born in Raleigh, he has spent the majority of his life in Summerfield, NC where he fished local ponds, as well as Lake Higgins and Lake Brandt chasing Largemouth Bass and Channel Catfish.
He attended the University of North Carolina at Wilmington between 2014 and 2018, where he learned how to saltwater fish. His favorite saltwater species to target are: Sharks, Spanish Mackerel, King Mackerel, Red Drum, Cobia, and Stingrays.
After college, Bobby moved back to Summerfield and started chasing Blue Catfish and Flathead Catfish in the Dan River, Kerr Lake, Lake Gaston, and the James River. His personal best Blue Catfish is 67lbs from the James River. His personal best Flathead Catfish is 35lbs (twice) from the Dan River. His personal best Channel Catfish is 19.5lbs from a local lake in Summerfield.
Bobby started a YouTube channel, “Bobby Win Fishing”, a few years ago. He enjoys sharing his experiences with anybody that will listen.
Bobby’s Go To Gear is:
Where you can find Bobby:
Instagram: @BobbyWinFishing
TikTok: @TheRealRodfather (www.tiktok.com/@therealrodfather)

Ronnie Berry

Ronnie Berry Aka “Ronwell Quincy Muddobber”

Ronnie was born and raised in Carlyle Illinois (45 miles east of St. Louis) and became a river rat at a young age on his family’s river front property.

He grew up helping his dad, and uncles run hoop nets, trout and bank lines about a mile south of Carlyle lake (Illinois largest man made lake) on the Kaskaskia River.

Ronnie started out rod and reel fishing targeting Flathead catfish which he landed his PB at 53 pounds bank fishing on the Kaskaskia river at Carlyle spillway in 2011.  In 2015 he was scrolling through YouTube and discovered a channel that was Called wildcatters tv with the “Catfish Dude” from then on he was hooked!!

Ronnie also has a YouTube channel in the works – “Cattin’ Around With Ronwell” which he Turned a Seadoo Jetski into a Catfishing machine. He has had this idea brewing for a while and finally made it reality and excited to share all of his adventures with everyone!!! Ronnie also hopes to turn this into a new way of Catfishing!

Ronnie’s go to Gear is

Nocturnal Nation Raptor 10/0 hooks

Monster Rod Holders

Rippin Lips HD casting rods

Rippin Lips “The Stalker” bumping rod

MulTBar rod rack

Realtree Fishing Apparel

Where you can find Ronnie

Chad Huffstetler

Chad Huffstetler  was born and raised in Easley South Carolina.

Catfishing has been a life long passion of his and is his safe place.

His go to lakes that he will normally fish is Lake Hartwell and Lake Keowee.

His go to rig is a Santee Cooper rig. He drags Fat Rooster planer boards when he is out on the boat.

His PB blue catfish is 45lbs and my PB flat head catfish is 41lbs

Where you can find Chad

Timothy London

Timothy has been fishing since he was a kid.

Timothy started tournament catfishing about 7 years ago.  He has won tournaments on Kerr lake , Lake Gaston , and also on Santee Cooper.

Main lakes he frequents are Kerr lake , Lake Gaston , Badin , Tillery , Tuckertown, and also the James and Santee Cooper Rivers.

His favorite rig for drifting is the Santee rig paired with Dirty South Draggin Weights and Hookers Terminal Tackle Mad Catter XHD hooks.

He uses Catch The Fever  medium heavy Hellcat rods paired with Penn Phantom’s and 40lb Slime Line.

His sponsors are

Big Cat Fever

C2 Outdoors

Fatfish Designz


Where you can find Timothy 

Derek Vincent

Derek has been an enthusiastic fisherman with an immense love and passion for fishing practically his entire life.

Derek couldn’t imagine a more rewarding feeling than catching that big one and feels it is essential to practice CPR in order for everyone’s kids and grandkids to have that opportunity as well.

Derek regulars Buggs Island, Lake Tillery. and Tucker Town in Virginia and North Carolina

One of Derek’s biggest goals in life is to enrich other’s with his knowledge and skills of the trade.

Derek’s PB’s

 96 pound blue cat!!

32 pound flathead!!

Derek’s go to rig is a Carolina Rig paired with Nocturnal Nation pig sticker hook.

Where you can find Derek 

Facebook @Derek Vincent 

TikTok @ twistedwhiskerscatfishin

Instagram @ Darica’s Dad

Jr. Pro Staff

Hunter Wyatt

Hunter Wyatt is 13 years old.   Born and raised in Danville, Virginia

He loves spending time with his dad outdoors especially chasing trophy fish. 

 His PB blue is 65 pounds!!

His PB flathead is 30 pounds!!

His rig of choice.

 Carolina rig with is 30 pound leader line and 80 pound main line.

A orange splash back Kitty Chaser floating line rattle,  and a lucky 13 or pig sticker depending what he is targeting.

Where you can find Hunter 

Gerald Wyatt

Gerald’s passion is chasing big blue cats and flathead with his son Hunter.  Hunter has been fishing with him since he was old enough to hold a fishing pole.  Gerald’s PB’s are a 64# blue cat and a 42# flathead.  Him and his son fish as often as they can.   They love tournament fishing as much as possible.  His favorite fishing destination is Kerr Lake in Clarksville, VA

Gerald’s go to rig is a Carolina rig with 3-4oz bank sinkers, 40# Ande Monofilament main line, Nocturnal Nation Lucky 13 and Hookers Terminal Tackle back stabber hooks.   He C.P.R’s 100% of the time 

Where you can find Gerald

Facebook @Gerald Wyatt

Instagram @rabster1968


Dennis is a avid fisherman from northern Illinois always looking for trophy fish. Weather it’s catfish or panfish, it is a passion he chases and enjoys. He is a competitive angler on the boat or bank and also does tournaments.

When he fishes out on the river he likes to introduce new anglers to the sport of catfishing by taking them out. His go to set up is a Kentucky rig for spring/fall time on a 6/0 back stabber circle hook from HTT, and Santee rig or a Carolina rig mid summer with a 8/0 backstabber circle hook depends on waters he is fishing.

Where you can find Dennis

TikTok @flathead_mafia

Instagram @flathead_mafia_fishing


Milton is a trophy fisherman from Texas.  Trophy alligator gar and catfish are his specialty.  

Milton has been fishing for giants for 15 years.  

He is the owner and operator of Xtreme Trophy Fishing.  

He has been chartering for 5 years taking clients from all over the world in search of monsters!

Milton’s go to rig is a Carolina rig with with a Nocturnal Nation Lucky 13 or a Eclipse 10/0


Where you can find Milton

Facebook @Xtreme Trophy Fishing 

Instagram @dabiggestbossclos

YouTube @Xtreme Trophy Fishing

Book a Trip https://www.xtremetrophyfishing.com/


Kyle Kessinger

Kyle was born and raised in Central Kentucky where he still resides today.  He is a heavy equipment operator by trade.  However, when he’s not on a dozer he’s traveling the South East United States chasing trophy blue cats and honing his skills as a tournament angler.  He has been on the podium many times in regional tournaments and plans to join the Cat Master tour soon.

Kyle is an advocate for the recovery community and believes the outdoors brings him closer to his Higher Power.  He also uses this as a platform to reach out to others in need.

Kyle is a member of the ACA and always practices CPR fishing.  As a tournament angler he fishes year round in all weather conditions, so his techniques are constantly changing and evolving.

Kyle’s go to fishing tactic is dragging cut bait with planner boards working channel edges. He uses 40 pound Ande Monster Monofilament with Ande premium leader line, multiple Nocturnal Nation hook sizes and a variety of weights depending on conditions and location.

Cody Cosper

Cody Cosper from Troy, Texas. he has always had a passion for fishing, started with his dad taking him and his siblings out to the creeks and rivers. He now have His own guide service fishing for blue catfish and alligator gar. He also works in the life safety industry as a fire alarm inspector.  In his free time he fishes with his fiancé Kamryn and their dog Captain.  He is also a avid tournament angler, He runs in serval different divisions throughout the ACA rankings, mainly division 1 & 2 tournaments. He regularly runs Central Texas Catfish Trail and just started running the CatMasters.

 Cody’s favorite thing to do is drift for catfish using planer boards and Nocturnal Nation Eclipse circle hook sizes 10/0 – 6/0. He regularly practice C.P.R on all fish caught, the only time he keeps fish is when he guide’s and he still practices C.P.R no fish over 15 pounds is placed in his live-well.

Col. Robert “Mason” Dixon

 Col. Robert “Mason” Dixon hails from a long line of Kentucky fisherman & musicians and he’ll tell you it’s not so much in the Kentucky whiskey as it is the DNA. Performing over 150 dates a year with his touring old time bluegrass band The Whiskey Bent Valley Boys. Mr. Dixon is a leading force in the state of Kentucky pushing for the conservation and regulations of catfish. While hosting his own yearly catfish tournament series “Taylorsville Lake Catfish Tournament Series” he still finds time to fish many other events all over the country. As a proud member of the ACA conservation and regulations are always on his mind.

Dustin Ware

Dustin is from South Elgin IL.   He was reintroduced to fishing by a good friend of his about 5years ago.  They often fished for bass or whatever else was biting.  Soon after he  began targeting channel and flathead catfish. He would spend much of the time looking for good spots to fish for them.  His father started to join him and soon after his grandpa gave him his Jon boat, no long after that he started entering into tournaments. Catfish are his preferred species.  His quest is to latch onto a  50+ pound trophy fish.  He finds fishing to be peaceful and relaxing and loves waiting to see what is on the other end of the hook.  He also like to help others when he see’s them fishing from shore.  Especially when they are with their kids.  His Goal is to keep them enjoying the sport.

 Dustin’s favorite catfishing setup is 40 pound Ande Monofilament paired with Ande premium leader line.  His hook of choice is the Nocturnal Nation 8/0 Eclipse hook.  He likes to anchor fish and uses several setups including a bobber rig,  Santee cooper rig, and a Carolina rig.

Joey Leidner

Joey is from Mansfield, IL.  Joey’s love of fishing goes way back into his youth.  He started catfishing seriously when he was 16.  Now only a short time later he fell in love with catfishing and is now chasing trophies.  In the last 12 months he has landed 6 blue catfish over 30 and 2 over 40, and multiple 20’s 90% of which came from the bank.   In August 2021 Joey landed a for sure 50 and possibly 60lb flat head!   His goal is catch some record fish and educate as many younger anglers as he can.  Being (17) he know the value of teaching the youth about the sport of catfishing.   Joey always practices CPR!  Joey is no a Nocturnal Nation Catfishing ambassador!

Joey’s go to fishing rig is a Carolina rig.  He uses Nocturnal Nation hooks.  His go to hook is the Nocturnal Nation 9/0 Eclipse.  He loves his Ande Monster Monofilament.  Joey’s favorite breed of catfish is the mighty flat head!

Chad Abner

Chad grew up in Mt. Pulaski Illinois.  He is a very passionate fisherman.  Chad’s passion for catfishing started when he was a young man and has grown into a full blown obsession.   He enjoys showing his kids, family and friends all the tips and tricks.  Chad has been fishing for as long as he can remember.  He feels he can always learn something new and catfishing is a ever evolving sport.   Chad has won several tournaments in the Clinton Lake Catfish Tournament Series and him and his partner ever won the series championship in 2020

Chad’s go to technique is always changing he uses a little bit of everything and even puts his own twist on it.   One this is for sure he always had Ande Monster Monofilament spooled up on his reels.

Jason Marquis

Jason has been fishing his whole life.  He has always fished for all species but he has found a love for catfishing and has been addicted for years.  Jason has won multiple tournaments over the past few years and along with fishing partner Chad Abner won the 2020 series points for the Clinton Lake Catfish Tournament Series.

Jason loves dragging and suspending big baits.  He used Ande Monster Monofilament.  His favorite rig is well all of them.  He uses Carolina rigs, Santee Cooper rig, Double drops, Kentucky rigs, you name it he uses it.

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